Wella Ed

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Adding to our history of innovation in the Professional Beauty Industry, we are proud to announce the re-launch of as, a powerful online e-learning and in-person event sales platform for Hair and Nail Care professionals! The Platform builds upon the original WellaBooking event system, adding Salon Star profiles, Downloadable Certificates, and multi-part Journeys which enable attendees of Wella's innovative industry education programs to progress from Specialist, to Expert, and finally, to become Masters in their craft. The program offers flexible learning options for modern distance learning, to provide participants flexible learning opportunities - completing education as self-paced e-learning at home, at the salon, at satellite locations, or as in person, hands on education, in Wella's world-class education center in Los Angeles CA. Many courses are available in either required or elective choices, for a student to craft their own unique journey, and participate in digital education with pre-recorded lessons and knowledge checks, one-on-one coaching, or in traditional classroom formats.

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Implementing WebP

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In our ongoing pursuit of excellence in technology, we're always looking for ways to stay at the cutting edge of browser compatibility and optimization for our customers. Our developers have recently completed the implementation of WebP image format integration into our online banner advertising and image management modules. This modern, super-optimized Image format can serve images at nearly identical fidelity as JPG or PNG files, but usually at about half the file size! This seemingly small change means big things- your web pages render faster across all classes of devices, with particular advantages for mobile devices. Faster load times mean better search ranking in Google and other saearch engines. Translating to more eyeballs on your content, rather than waiting for pages to load.

Machine Learning & Data Science on Tap

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We are excited to annoucnce that our Senior Software Systems Engineer & CTO, Ryan Cooper, has recently achieved a Professional Certificate in Data Science from HarvardX, the online learning system offered by Harvard University. His certification as a professional data scientist adds to our portfolio of offerings in big data analytics & management. This important field of study uses powerful, high-throughput functional programming in the R programming language to allow vast amounts of data to be effectively studied through advanced principles in bayesian statistics, finite math, matrices & linear algebra. Applying these principles to data sets enables the implementation of machine learning features to derive meaningful conclusoins and actionable intelligence from enormous quantitative data sets. Ryan's projects included rating & recommendation systems, classification systems using random forest models on large scale incomplete heirarchical data sets, real estate price point predictions using ANOVA, e-commerce market basket analysis, weather pattern analysis, optical character recognition & entity extraction, game theory, optimization, and similar advanced mathematical, computing and logical concepts. Contact us to learn more about how machine learning can increase the power of your web based business systems.

Wella Booking

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We have developed some awesome new functionality in the Wella Events and Wella Education calendar system. This calendar is full of industry exclusive education and events presented by Coty Inc., the worlds leading portfolio of luxury beauty brands including Wella, Sebastian, OPI, Nioxin, and other's. Education content includes technical courses, business seminars, motivational events, shows, award ceremonies and virtual events. Salon owners and personnel are given convenient options to purchase education event tickets for immediate, direct digital download, using credit or reward points via the loyalty program. This system features advanced logic such as event matriculation, pre-requisites, series based education, multi-ticket options, promo codes, inventory control, single-use coupons, and sophisticated business logic for discounts and administrative functions. All of this pours into our exclusive business analytics systems providing real time ROI and P&L estimation for events.

Salon Builder 4.0

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After over two years of continuous development and testing, we have completed the latest major version of SalonBuilder. This new version features dozens of added features and functions for salon owners. The redesigned tab navigation interface has mobile-friendly features which scale to various device sizes properly, offering reduced or bandwidth-limited content where necessary, while preserving key editing and fulfillment features for mobile device users. New systems include enhanced list editing and management features, print menus, social sharing and export tools, new stock photos and marketing graphics, an innovative new drip marketing capability, upgrades to the texting and voice calling systems, and many more critical feature upgrades and enhancements. The booking system has been given a full facelift with a new ribbon based selection interface for salon clients to choose services, while still preserving industry-leading feature sets like couple services, locations, time slots, resources, gender preference, unattended services, and so many other unique features that make the Salon Builder booking system truly stand apart as a leader in Salon industry booking solutions. Sign up for your free trial of Salon Builder to see how it could benefit your salon, spa or personal care business.

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New E-Laborative Branding & Website Launch

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We are proud to announce our new web site design and logo! This design features HTML 5 responsive layout and mobile friendly interfaces. This site is a work in progress, not all sections are completed. Please check back for more details. Thank you for visiting!

Interactive Mapping Systems - Code Name: "5-Layer Red Velvet Cake" Launched

We have just launched an exciting and powerful new system for P&G dubbed the "5-Layer Red Velvet Cake". This delicious project was developed to give management personnel detailed insights into their regional resource allocation of Employees, Education and Sales Resources and Activities. Featuring next-generation mapping systems and powerful SQL queries, this system is an amazing and exciting new tool! It allows visualization of resources from individual zip codes, to metro areas, states or even multi-state regions.